Work with us from your couch!

Fat Cat Video Consultation, Pink Bridal Meeting Room with Invitations in Background, Invitation Consultant Using Laptop to Discuss Invitations with a Client

Over-scheduled? Live out of town? Just don’t feel like changing out of your sweatpants to attend another wedding appointment? 

We get it. 

That’s why we offer video consultations. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you can chat with one of our real-life designers from the comfort of your couch (and your yoga pants if you wish). 

Invitation consultant speaking with clients via a video consultation. Pink background with invitation samples.

It’s super easy. Here’s how it works…

1. Make an Appointment

Reserve a consultation over the phone, via email or with our online scheduler. Learn more!

2. Check Your Email

We’ll send you a link for the scheduled day and time. 

3. Tune In!

We’ll spend 30–60 minutes getting to know you and your wedding vision while also showing you design samples that compliment your style. 

4. Check Your Mailbox

Based on our appointment, we’ll send samples to your home so you can touch and feel the lovely paper options we discussed. While our designs look pretty online and in photos, the real ✨ magic ✨ happens when you see them in person.

5. Follow Up

Once you have your samples in-hand, we can walk you through the various paper options and printing techniques over the phone or via email. We’ll also discuss pricing if we haven’t done so already. 

6. Send ‘Em Back

We’ll send a return envelope along with your samples. So once you make your paper decisions, all you have to do is drop them back in the mail.

Easy, right? Go ahead and book an appointment. We can’t wait to chat with you 💕

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