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Why are menus SO important???

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Because We Said So!

Just kidding, there’s a lot more to it than that — not only are they practical (I'll get into that in a minute), but they're also SO pretty. If you’re looking for a magazine-worthy tablescape, menus are key! When creating menus with my clients, I love to start by discussing the centerpieces and linens. This allows us to create a cohesive look and a welcoming place setting for each guest.



And Practical? Well of Course!

Of course, they’re practical too. First of all, receptions tend to be LOUD! We’ve all been to events where the server has to compete with the music and overall chatter of the room when listing the evening’s entrees, right? In the end, we all end up saying, “I’ll have the chicken” because we know there’s probably a chicken dish on that list we only half-heard. Personally, I’d rather have steak. 

A clear and well-written menu will also help steer those with food allergies in the right direction.


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In the end, we all end up saying, 'I’ll have the chicken,' because we know there’s probably a chicken dish on that list we only half-heard.


Menus as Place Cards

We also love using them as place cards to assign seating. This piece of the puzzle certainly isn’t mandatory BUT it is hugely helpful in some situations…

1. Seating arrangements that involve extra large tables like farm tables.

2. Very formal and traditional events.

3. Small intimate receptions with only one or two tables, eliminating the need for escort cards.

4. Here’s the obvious one for you… if you simply want to sit certain guests next to each other (and keep others away from each other).


What's Next?

Now that you know all about menus, it's time to learn about programs


Happy planning!

As always, I hope this leaves you feeling inspired.

xoxo, Fat Cat

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