Amira by Smock


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We’re absolutely in love with foil. Foil stamping is a type of printing where metallic paper (foil) is pressed into the paper. It’s gorgeous on its own or can be used as an accent with letterpress or flat printing. Foil is often shown in gold or silver, but is available in a variety of colors—including our new favorite, rose gold!

Smock, one of our favorite invitation lines, uses foil to accent their invitations and stationery BEAUTIFULLY. Here are a few of our favorites…


Ombre is everywhere now and when it’s combined with gold foil, the result is absolute perfection.

Amira by Smock, Ombre Mitzvah Invitation with Gold Foil Details

This is not your ordinary photo save the date. This elegant, vintage design uses letterpress and foil accents to frame your favorite engagement photograph.

Also in this suite you will find thank you notes and menus for the ceremony — all printed on Smock’s exclusive bamboo paper.

Emory by Smock, Vintage Save the Date, Thank You and Menu

Watercolor backgrounds are a favorite around Fat Cat. This airy design would be prefect or a beach or backyard celebration.

Barnesly by Smock, Watercolor Invitation Suite with Foil

This fun, floral invitation is shown on a luxurious triple-weight paper with foil edge painting and rounded corners. Tawny foil and lavender letterpress inks make for a beautiful combination.

Finley by Smock, 3-ply Letterpress Invitation with Lavender Ink and Foil Floral Details

We love confetti! This festive invitation is perfect for a whimsical event. It features a lovely die-cut shape and rose gold foil accents.

Midi by Smock, Whimsical, Die-cut, Confetti Design