Place Cards & Escort Cards & Seating Charts, Oh my!

Calligraphy Seating Cards with map detail placed in nautical knots

Escort cards? Place cards? Seating chart? Seating Cards? Feeling confused yet? Of course you are! Let me clear a few things up. “Seating card” is generic term for all of the above. The terms “escort card” and “place card”are often misused leaving lots of our clients feeling a little unsure about what they actually need for their event. 

Let me explain…


Escort cards are those little cards guests pick up at the beginning of the reception with their name and table assignment.

Wedding Escort Cards, light blue tent cards with modern gray text

Tent cards are our most popular seating option. They are available in a variety of colors to compliment your vision. They are typically arranged on a table for your guests to easily pick up as they enter the reception. 

We understand that finalizing your guest list is one of the last pieces of the puzzle. We can print these in-house using digital calligraphy 1-2 weeks (or less if necessary) before your wedding.


Have a particular theme in mind? There are so many fun options to explore! We love these beachy starfish tags. 

Starfish Seating Card with red and blue tags and twine detail

And these nautical knots 😍 We teamed with Mystic Knotwork and Swell Anchor Studio to create these beauties. 

Calligraphy Seating Card with map detail placed in nautical knots

We love our sweet little leaf cards too. They are available in an array of colors making them perfect for summer and fall weddings. ps: Did you know you can purchase these on Etsy? The best part is that you can shop online AND still work with a designer to ensure all the details are 👌

Leaf Seating Card, pink and ivory leaf shaped escort cards with each guests' name printed in black


Shameless start to this category 😂… here are the cute little place cards I designed for my own wedding. Place cards are located at each place setting (I apologize for the redundancy 😅). These are used when the host assigns each guest a specific seat at a specific table.

Rustic Place Card with woodgrain paper and blue watercolor detail, sitting on a green napkin and burlap tablecloth, honey jar favor in the background

For this couple’s lovely southern wedding, we used place cards to help during dinner. Since the venue required each guest to choose their meal ahead of time, we used different backing layer colors to help the wait staff ensure each guest received the correct meal (pink for beef, ivory for chicken, peach for salmon). 

Wedding Place Card in pink and white with a peach napkin

So how did the guests navigate their way through all the tables to find their place card? I’m happy you asked 😉 When the guests arrived, they were greeted with this beautiful seating chart we created with Bespoken Weddings & Events. The chart was in alphabetical order so guests could easily find their names and table number. Bonus, the display was not only functional, but also served as a beautiful accent in the atrium.  

Floral Seating Chart for a wedding, pastel flowers in pink and peach

Place cards also come in the form of menus. For this wedding, we printed each guests’ name on the top of their menu to help direct them to their seat. I wrote a whole post about menus recently, learn more here.

Wedding Menu on ivory paper with pewter ink, guest's name at the top written in scriptClassic Wedding Menu on ivory paper with pewter ink, guest's name at the top written in script, greenery and candles decorating the table


Okay so I skipped ahead and briefly spoke about seating charts a couple paragraphs ago, but I’m not done. A seating chart can be used instead of escort cards to assign table numbers. It lists all your guests’ names with their corresponding table number. We love this option for smaller weddings, think 150 people or less. These charts are lovely but the magic dissipates as bit when you see 300 guests crowding around one chart to find their table.

We make these is standard sizes so you can frame it OR place it one an easel and have your florist pair it with greenery for a lovely statement. Again, we can print these 1-2 weeks (or sometimes even 2 days) before your wedding so you don’t have to rush with your seating plan. 

Wedding Seating Chart, White and gray seating chart on an easel decorated with greenery

Need more inspiration???

Here are some fun seating card ideas.

Happy planning!

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