Keeping It All Together – Pockets and Bellybands

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Pockets and Booklets and Bellybands!

Today I'm teaching you how to “keep it all together” — but no, I’m not referring to the emotional stress of planning a wedding. I’m talking about the many ways to package your invitation suite together to create a beautiful presentation for your guests. Remember, you only have one chance to make a first impression so it’s important to put some extra thought and care into your invitation suite.

For many of our clients, a beautifully printed invitation with complimentary envelope liner is the perfect presentation. But what about the rest of our couples? We often hear, “I'm looking for something that will continue to hold all the pieces together after my guests open the envelope.” This statement often comes from our super organized teacher, lawyer and accountant brides and grooms, just to name a few. The good news is that there are so many fun and creative ways to incorporate a pocket, ribbon or embellishment into your paper presentation.


What's a Bellyband?!?

This style is a personal favorite. A bellyband is a piece of paper that wraps around the invitation. The rest of the suite (reply set, reception card and detail card) can be tucked under the bellyband either in front of or behind the invitation. Bellybands can be printed or unprinted on either translucent vellum or any color of paper. They can even be layered with twine or a ribbon.


I wasn't lying when I said bellybands are a personal favorite (and you know I can't resist showing off a photo from my wedding). Mine was created with woodgrain paper and lavender striped twine!

“There are so many ways to keep your invitation suite together after your guests open the envelope”


Pocket Folders

Pockets come is so many shapes and sizes. The photos directly above and below show pocket folders. This type of pocket folds open to present the invitation alongside the perfectly tucked away reply set and detail cards. The outside can be kept plain or can be embellished with a band, tab or ribbon.


Pocket Cards!

Pocket cards have become very popular in our studios. They’re cute and compact plus they allow the invitation card itself to shine brightly as soon as your guests open the envelope. The pocket on the back keeps everything tucked away neatly for a clean presentation. It also doubles as a backing layer creating a pretty border around your invitation.


Happy planning!

I hope all these pretty presentation ideas leave you feeling inspired.

xoxo, Fat Cat

ps: Wanna learn more ways to “keep it all together”? Check out my sequel post featuring ribbons and twine. 

  • Gold + Teal Deco Invitation photographed by Fat Cat Paperie
  • Gray Vellum Bellyband Invitation photographed by Bella Figura 
  • Classic Navy Invitation photographed by Fat Cat Paperie
  • Bride with Rustic Wedding Invitation photographed by Becka Pillmore
  • Silver Pocketfold with Gold Deco Details photographed by Rubio Cinema
  • Oheka Castle Pocket Invitation photographed by Fat Cat Paperie
  • Modern Pocket Card Invitation photographed by Fat Cat Paperie

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