Sydnie by B.T.Elements


Fat Cat Paperie Inspiration


At Fat Cat, we love Mitzvahs! Here are some of our favorites…

"Finley" by Smock

“Finley” by Smock: Letterpress Invitation with Gold Foil Monogram, Zebra Print Sleeve and Patterned Envelope Liner

"Montrose" by Smock

“Montrose” by Smock: Combination Flat and Letterpress, Die-cut Invitation with Striped Patterned Envelope Liner

Madison by Spark

“Madison” by Spark: Foil and Letterpress Invitation with Colored Envelopes and Foil Patterned Liner

Michael by B.T.Elements

“Michael” by B.T.Elements: Layered Pocket Invitation

Sydnie by B.T.Elements

“Sydnie” by B.T.Elements: Layered Invitation with Bow Detail and Patterned Envelope Liner