Let’s Talk Table Numbers

Rustic Table Number, Copper and Gray color palette, copper border with ivory paper, golden lights in the background

I have relatively easy one for you guys today… we’re talking table numbers!

As you may have suspected, table numbers are used to identify the table so your guests can find their seats. Some people get creative and use names of places or things that are significant to them instead of numbers. Regardless of which type you choose, the cards should be large and legible so that they can be easily spotted as guests enter the room.

Whimsical Table Setting, Lush florals, table number with tree silhouette detail

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First, let’s discuss the elephant in the room. I know some of you are asking, “Doesn’t my venue provide table numbers?!?” While that’s true in some cases, there are a couple things to consider…

1. IF your venue does provide table numbers, they most likely won’t match all the other elements that you’ve put so much thought into. Imagine your beautiful rose gold menus and soft ivory linens accented with a bulky black table number on stark white paper. Yikes! 

2. Think of this as another way to add a little more style to your day. When I attend a wedding, I love seeing the table numbers depict vacation spots the couple visited, explain their love story, or simply sit in frames that will most likely decorate the couple’s home after the big day.  

Now that we’re past that, there are a few options to discuss. We, of course, love brainstorming, but I also recommend chatting with your florist about the table numbers since you’ll want them to compliment the centerpieces in both scale and style. 


This pretty little square is a flat card. In this case, it’s tucked into a stand but these can also be sized to fit a standard frame. 

Rustic Table Numbers, Copper and Gray color palette, copper border with ivory paper, golden lights in the background

Also, see what I mean about the matching menus 😍

Copper Wedding Menu, Rustic monogram in copper foil, whimsical, rustic fonts, soft white paper


Tent cards stand alone so you can skip the frame or stand. 

Pink Wedding Table Numbers, Pink and Peach color palette, handwritten-style script


Did you know we have LOTS of calligrapher friends? If you’re interested in hand calligraphy, let us know and we’ll set you up with a local calligrapher who matches your style. And seriously, no idea is too out of the box. These talented ladies can write beautifully on driftwood, mirrors, agate slices, you name it! 

Hand Calligraphy Table Number, Rustic Table Number, Black Ink on Wood Sign

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