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Let’s Talk Stamps

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Sooooo let’s talk stamps. You pick up your invitations, you’re so excited to stuff the envelopes and get them in the mail, but WAIT — there’s one very important step before you send them on their merry way. You need to know how much postage to put on them so they actually show up in your guests’ mailboxes. Seriously, applying too little postage will mean 186 beautifully addressed invitations will be headed right back to you and I’m thinking that’s not your goal here.

Floral Love Stamps, Whimsical Rifle Paper Postage Stamps
(stamps from Rifle Paper)

After you leave our studio with your beautiful invitations in tow, make sure to stop at the post office to have them weigh and measure your invitation. You’re going to need one invitation with all the cards you plan to include neatly tucked into the envelope. The amount of postage needed is based on a variety of factors — size, weight, shape and stiffness. Because of all this, it’s best not to simply weigh them at home.

Okay now you know how much postage your invitation needs, but where do you purchase pretty stamps? Well, your first option is obvious, but you can of course buy them from the post office. If your post office doesn’t have the stamps you are looking for, you can always purchase them on their website. They usually arrive in a week so it’s no big deal at all. The post office typically carries a two ounce stamp and a matching forever stamp for weddings. The designs vary, but these pretty bouquets and corsages are currently available.

Bouquet and Boutonnière postage stamps

Don’t forget to stamp your reply envelope! A forever stamp is almost always sufficient, so in most cases, there’s no need to have them weighed and measured. Remember, square envelopes will cost a little more.

Prefer a custom stamp? We can certainly design one for you. This is the perfect spot for your monogram or to continue the pattern from your envelope liner. We’re happy to make suggestions if you’re unsure. Custom stamps cost more and require a bit more time than standard postage stamps, but the design possibilities are endless.

Gold, engraved reply card with custom monogram stamp

Happy planning!

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