Formal Lasercut Wedding Invitation, Black thermography with ivory lasercut gatefold

Thermography – Invitation Printing 101

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What is thermography? 

Thermography is a raised ink —  the first step into the world of textured printing techniques.

It's created by dusting a resin-like powder over a special ink. Next, the invitation is heated causing the powder to create a raised, slightly rubbery effect upon drying. Since the inks are applied separately, thermography printing is a great option for classic designs with one or two ink colors. The final product is usually glossy but matte finishes are also available.

The Basics

First Look:
• Raised ink
• Glossy, slightly rubbery texture
• Usually printed on a smooth matte or metallic paper

It’s great for:
• Traditional weddings
• Classic styles
• Designs with one or two ink colors

It’s often combined with:
• Embossed borders
• Backing layers
• Pockets


Less is More

Sometimes one color is all you need. This design uses classic typefaces and black ink. Framed beautifully with a subtle embossed border.


It's kind of like Build-A-Bear, but with fine papers and ribbon.

Let's Play Dress Up!

We also love dressing up thermography wedding invitations with laser-cut accents, layers and pockets. It's kind of like Build-A-Bear, but with fine papers and ribbon. We can take a simple, classic invitation and embellish it to match your style. 


Ready to Get Started?

As with any raised or indented ink, seeing it in person is a must! Contact us to set up an appointment in either our Center Moriches or Mineola Studio. If you live out of town or have an extra busy schedule, let's set up a phone or video consultation followed up by a snail-mailed box of handpicked invitation samples. 

xoxo, Fat Cat

ps: You can learn about the other printing processes too — digital printing, letterpress, foil and engraving

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