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What is Foil Stamping?

Well in short, it’s shimmery metallic gorgeousness! Like letterpress this type of printing leaves an indented impression in the paper, but in this case, really thin sheets of foil are used in place of ink. Foil stamping often has a shiny finish that is even more beautiful in person than in a photograph. Most foils are opaque, so not only do we love it on white and ivory paper but it also looks rather striking on dark papers like black and navy.

The Basics

First Look:
• Usually shiny, metallic finish (but matte options are available too)
• Indented impression
• Usually printed on a cotton paper

Great for:
• Traditional, modern, even whimsical invitations
• Weddings, mitzvahs, bridal and baby showers… really any event!
• Printing on dark papers

Often combined with:
• Letterpress printing
• Digitally printed backgrounds
• Thick paper
• Edge painting


First of all, if I’m going to talk about foil invitations, I have to begin with these show-stoppers. The left features custom calligraphy and a shimmering foil edge — seriously, a stack of foil edged invitations is one of my favorite things. 

The invitation on the right was created for a formal church ceremony followed by an evening of dinner and dancing at Oheka Castle. We love its delicate shape and stunning floral envelope liner.


Foil sure is pretty in photos but it truly shines when you hold it in person and watch the light capture it


If foil doesn't match your wedding vision, don't worry, we're here for all your future special events. This lovely baby announcement features rose gold foil over a blush watercolor wash background.

Dark Papers

When it comes to dark papers, foil can do what letterpress can’t! Because this printing technique is created using thin sheets of foil, the final result is opaque (where letterpress ink absorbs into the paper like a highlighter on black card-stock). So if you’re interested in really making a statement with a medium or dark colored invitation, foil is probably the option for you.


Delicate Accents

Next, let’s talk about a foil that breaks the rules. Pearl foil is almost completely transparent with a hint of pearlescent shimmer, as shown in this gorgeous border.


Gold and copper foil accents highlight the floral illustrations in these beauties. They sure are pretty in photos but they truly shine (ha sorry for the pun) when you hold them in person and watch the light capture each delicate hint of foil. 


Happy Planning!

We hope you love foil as much as we do! And remember, it's even prettier in person so if you're planning a wedding, bridal shower or any other special event, make an appointment to see all these beautiful invitations in person. We can't wait to meet you!

xo, Fat Cat

ps: You can learn about the other printing processes too — digital printing, thermography, letterpress and engraving

  • Gold Foil Edge Invitations photographed by Fat Cat Paperie
  • Gold Floral Envelope Liner photographed by Fat Cat Paperie
  • Painterly Rose Gold Birth Announcement photographed by Smock Paper
  • Rose Gold + Black Invitation photographed by Bella Figura 
  • Delicate Floral Border photographed by Fat Cat Paperie
  • Flowers and Vines Invitation photographed by Jennifer Lam Photography
  • Jewel Tone Floral Invitation photographed by Kaitlyn Ferris

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