Wedding Ceremony Welcome Sign, Pink and Peach color palette, wooden frame, sitting on easel with greenery and flowers, outside of stone chapel

Give Me Allllll The Signs

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Can I just say that I LOVE designing signage?

Wedding signs have really exploded on Pinterest over the last few seasons and I couldn’t be happier that our couples keep asking for more! Unfortunately, it’s one of those items that sometimes hit on the cutting room floor due to a dwindling budget, so we recommend putting some funds aside for this early on. 

Rustic Reserved Sign, Black text on wood with wildflowers in a mason jar

Overall Guest Experience

Personally, I feel it really adds to the guests’ experience at your event. Some signage is just for show (and those sure are pretty — see the welcome signs below ?) but there are also really helpful signs that keep things running smoothly. For instance, if your venue has a confusing entryway, we love creating direction signs with your monogram to lead the way. 

Rustic welcome signs, white and green signs sitting on an easel and decorated with greeneryWedding Welcome Sign, sitting on easel at entryway of a stone chapel

They’re also helpful for those out-of-the-box guest book ideas. More and more couples are moving away from traditional guest books, leaving older guests a little in the dark. I love providing a sign with quick instructions to help your great aunts with the whole “DIY photo-booth/guestbook” thing. Keep in mind, things that may seem obvious to those of us scouring Pinterest, might not be to everyone else. Like that time I was planning a barn wedding at a horse farm and people were asking me if they could wear jeans… how quickly I forget that not everyone browses semi-formal barn weddings until 2am. 

Rustic Guest Book Sign, Black Calligraphy and Illustrations on wooden board, couple posing with phonebook props

Back to that out-of-the-box thing. This couple chose to have guests sign quilt squares. These were later stitched together by a family friend. 

Wedding signature quilt signs with greenery. Sitting in gold frame next to fabric swatches for guests to sign.

We also love creating signs to place on the favor table and on the bar to list your specialty cocktails. These can be printed and framed. Or we can point you in the direction of a talented calligrapher. Remember, we have lots of friends who can write on wood, glass, agate and more. 

Wedding Favor Sign, black text with nautical knot illustration, inside a gold frame

Rustic Cocktail Sign, Black calligraphy on a slice of wood

Stay Tuned!

Next week’s post will be the final one in this series. I’ll be chatting about all the little paper-related finishing touches that complete your wedding vision.

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