Do my invitations need to match my color palette? 

Rose Gold Formal Wedding Invitation, Diecut with rose gold border, calligraphy inspired script, rose gold color palette

Hello future brides and grooms! I’m Katie, the face behind all of these blog posts. I’ve been meeting with couples and designing invitations at Fat Cat for six years. In that time some questions have come up over and over again so today I want to discuss one of those very important questions. Here it goes…. Do my invitations need to match my color palette? 

Well in good news, the short answer is “no” and for those of you who want the long answer, I’ll explain it here 🙂

Reason #1 — Style vs. Color

It’s more important to match the style of the wedding than a specific color. Let’s face it, your guests will not be bringing the invitation to your wedding and holding it up against your bridesmaids’ dresses. Instead, the goal of the invitation is to show your guests the style of your wedding — black tie or casual, formal or rustic, etc. Your invitation will prompt them to think about what they’ll be wearing, how to do their hair and what type of gift to give you. So if your wedding is formal with midnight blue linens but you want a rose gold invitation, go for it! Your guests will certainly understand the formal nature when they see your names pressed into the paper with shimmering foil and a gorgeous script.

Rose Gold Formal Wedding Invitation, Diecut with rose gold border, calligraphy inspired script, rose gold color palette Copper Foil Wedding Invitation, Formal with all script text, Rounded Corners on warm white paper

Reason #2 — A Timeless Look

Maybe you’re getting married on an island and your bridesmaids are wearing hot pink, but the idea of bringing pink into your invitation feels a little too girly for you? We love pink here, but you’re certainly allowed to disagree with us. In this case, let’s stick with something more timeless and use gold, taupe and ivory. They work well with the carefree, beachy vibe of your wedding and they won’t ever go out of style.

Beach Wedding Invitation, Palms with gold foil Beach letterpress invitation with sea shell, classic color palette in navy and taupe Tropical Wedding Invitation, gold foil with palm fronds, destination wedding

Reason #3 — Don’t Force It!

Let’s say your color palette is navy and peach. Wonderful! Those colors are really pretty BUT when you force them to sit side by side on an invitation, they don’t always play nicely. The reason these colors work well on your wedding day is that you can layer different shades and textures. The bouquets and centerpieces can be different shades of peach, coral and ivory which looks soft and beautiful against a flowing navy bridesmaid dress. That being said, when you bring navy and peach into an invitation they may not have the same effect. For instance, a peach card with navy text and a navy border can look very stark (although it could be cool for a blocky, modern invitation if that’s your style). Instead of forcing navy and peach papers to sit next to each other, I recommend either forgoing the peach and sticking to a classic navy and ivory invitation OR if you would like to keep both colors, consider bringing peach in with a floral watercolor to keep the look soft and cohesive.

Classic Letterpress Invitation, Navy and white color palette, Hand calligraphy writing

Watercolor Flower, Letterpress Wedding Invitation, Navy and Pink color palette, kraft paper envelope, floral envelope liner, whimsical fonts

Whimsical Wedding Invitation, Coral flowers with letterpress details

So what’s your wedding color palette? Comment below! I’d love to hear about all the beautiful shades we’ll be seeing this season. 

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