Fat Cat/Owner/
Creative Director

Favorite Pet: Cats of course
Favorite Holiday: Halloween
Likes: Risotto, shoes, the Fat Cat universe and hanging with friends
Dislikes: Evites, mean people and grocery shopping


Design Goddess/
Senior Art Director

Favorite Pet: Dogs… not gonna lie
Favorite Holiday: Groundhog Day
Likes: Skiing, road trips, boots, DIY projects and pretty fonts
Dislikes: Clutter, belts, traffic and licorice


Spirit Leader/
Assistant Art Director

Favorite Pet: Cats
Favorite Holiday: Easter
Likes: The beach, Star Wars, chocolate ice cream, board games, and tea
Dislikes: Winter, crowds, allergies, scary movies, caramel and butterscotch


Chief Fairy/
Director of Sales

Favorite Pet: Unicorns, Reindeer & Dragons
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Likes: Elves, fairies, family & chocolate…..oh, and GLITTER!!!
Dislikes: Muddy puddles, rainy days and sad faces


Customer Service Goddess/
Office Manager

Favorite Pet: Dogs
Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving
Likes: Family including my Fat Cat girls, bicycle riding and chocolate. I almost forgot…long walks in the morning
Dislikes: Winter, distance and loud restaurants