Why do we charge a $50 fee for our consultations?

Not all wedding invitation boutiques are the same. When you come to Fat Cat Paperie, you will sit one-on-one with a highly trained specialist who will give you their undivided attention… no distractions, no phones ringing. She will sit with you for a full hour to talk about your vision for your event. AND, the $50 fee gets applied to your invitation or event stationery order.

F.A.Q. regarding our consultation fee

All of the other invitation places I’ve spoken with don’t charge a fee. Why should I pay to meet with you?
Fair question, we get it. We decided long and hard before we decided to start charging a fee. After 11 years in business on Long Island, we are grateful to say we have built quite a reputation, and lots of people want to meet with us. But that said, we have limited time slots for appointments, and want to be sure that those who seek us out are serious about wanting to work with us.

We so dearly value the quality of service we provide, and we’re committed to offering this level of personalized attention to all of our clients. And it’s not about being compensated for our time, it’s about the value we bring to you. When you sit with a Fat Cat consultant, you will be educated on different print techniques, design styles and on what things cost. She will listen and discuss with you your vision of your event, and she’ll offer you ideas and insights that will hopefully leave you excited and inspired (which is always our goal.)

The people who work best with us are those who value what we value:

  • Attention to detail
  • High quality design and paper
  • Highly personalized service

In order to work with people like you, we need to charge the fee so we can give you the service that you deserve.

If I come in for an invitation consultation, and I decide not to order right away, can I come back at a future date and apply the $50 to my order?
YES, but the $50 can only be applied to any stationery for the event you came to the initial consultation to discuss. For instance, if you met with us to discuss your wedding, and a year later you want to order birth announcements, in this scenario the $50 credit cannot be applied. However, if you came in to discuss wedding invitations, but ended up purchasing them elsewhere (which we can’t image why you would, but if you did…), you can use the $50 toward any event stationery for your wedding day (such as programs, escort cards, menus, thank you notes, etc.) when you spend $200 or more.

What if I don’t order from you?
We can’t image why you wouldn’t, but even if you chose not to, you will have still walked away with valuable information about design styles, paper and pricing, that you can go somewhere else with confidence knowing more about what’s available and what things cost.