I’m on a budget. Can I still work with Fat Cat?
It’s funny that we hear this question all the time, and our answer is always “everybody has a budget”, the better question is “what is your budget?”. We’ve worked with couples who have had a $10,000 budget, and worked with those with a $1,000 budget, so the word budget is relative. However we recommend that you have a least a $1000 invitation budget if you want to work with us. This is based on 100 invitation suites, which includes the invitation, reply set and outer envelope with your return address. It may be helpful to know that our clients generally spend somewhere between $1600–$3600 with us on their invitations.

Do I need to make an appointment, or can I just stop by?
Our designers and invitation consultations are available by appointment only. Give us a call at 631-657-5481 to set one up.

How far in advance of my wedding date should I come in?
We recommend 6-8 months before and 3 months at the very least. Although, we’ve been known to turn invitations around in 24 hours when an emergency arises.

How long does it take for the invitations to be ready once I place my order?
Typically it takes 4-6 weeks, but some printing techniques and custom design may take longer.

Do you offer envelope addressing services? And what does it cost?

In house we offer digital calligraphy. For clients who have purchased their invitations from us, digital calligraphy starts at $2.50 per envelope and we waive the set-up fee. For invitations not ordered from Fat Cat, we have a set-up fee starting at $25. We also work with several calligraphers who do handwritten calligraphy. This typically starts at $6 per envelope.

How does payment work?
We accept all major credit cards, personal checks and cash. At the time you are ready to place your order a 50% deposit is due. The balance is due at the time of pick up or shipping.

Is it possible for me to place an order if I cannot physically be at your shop?
Yes, this is absolutely possible. With the help of the internet and UPS, we’ve worked with brides across the states as well as Europe. Of course it’s ideal if we could have our first consultation face to face, but if that’s not possible, we can make it work.

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